Episode# 50: Class Series MoP Edition: Hunters!


Episode# 050 is now live and available for download. Thanks to everyone who joined us in our alternate chat room and stayed patient while we worked out some technical gremlins!

Don’t forget to listen in at the end of the episode and send us your answer to this week’s “WHAT BOSS SAID THAT?”

In this episode, we celebrate our 50th Show with Special Guest, Willie “Dills” Gregory from THE INSTANCE podcast and reboot our class series with everyone’s favorite class: HUNTERS! 

Important Links and Notes:

As promised, the ULTIMATE Pet Macro:

/cast [@pet,dead][mod:shift] Revive Pet

/cast [nopet,nomod] Call Pet 1

/clearfocus [@focus,dead]

/focus [@focus,exists]player;target

/clearfocus [@focus,noharm]

/petattack [@focus,exists]

/petfollow [@focus,noexists]

/cast Hunter’s Mark

That’s it! 


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